Circle of Ambassadors

The Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) is presently expanding its leadership circle with the formation of a Founding Circle of Ambassadors, which will ally with our staff and Advisory Board members to ensure that our message of heritage preservation, protection, and sharing impacts heavily and positively upon all sectors of the Caribbean heritage industry.

The CHN recognizes that our fourteen participating states share development challenges that have constrained the resources necessary for identifying, managing, and protecting their heritage, thus contributing to the overall vulnerability of their cultural assets. These challenges are further complicated by the region’s limited economic output and reliance on tourism, which can threaten the integrity of its tangible and intangible cultural resources.

We Need Your Leadership and Commitment: Founding Circle of Ambassadors

Any successful endeavor must be endorsed, supported, and championed by regional leadership that involves key stakeholders who can generate and promote new opportunities. You are joining a team of leaders of government, heritage professionals and practitioners, business executives, members of the media, and community members united by the common goals of recognizing our heritage, acting to safeguard it today, and developing ways to preserve it for our future.

The Founding Circle of Ambassadors will serve as the CHN’s leadership team and most active supporters, enabling CHN staff to meet ambitious fundraising and public awareness goals. As a founding member you will play a critical role in securing resources as well as increasing the sphere of influence for the CHN to ensure the long-term sustainability of CHN’s programming and the greatest possible regional impact. Ambassadors will help connect CHN to financial supporters, government leaders and policy makers, heritage professionals, and other essential stakeholders. You will also help promote the CHN mission to diverse audiences, such as business leaders, economists, developers, students, and community elders. Ideally, the Founding Circle of Ambassadors will also assist in recruiting future Ambassadors.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

By serving as a member of our high-level leadership team, Ambassadors will play a significant role in enabling long-term economic and cultural change throughout the Caribbean region.

In addition to this benefit, founding members will also: 

  • Directly contribute to economic development and jobs creation throughout the Caribbean region
  • Shape Caribbean heritage pride through public education and media campaigns
  • Be the public face of CHN within your social and professional circles
  • Expand public and industry recognition of your value for Caribbean heritage
  • Help to increase the quality of Caribbean heritage education for all generations through heritage curriculum development and implementation
  • Contribute to the strengthening of existing industries including: tourism, manufacturing, trade, local government, real estate, banking, utilities/telecom and infrastructure
  • Network with regional and international leaders during high profile networking events
  • Collaborate closely with key stakeholders (such as decision makers in government, international foundations, corporations, businesses and celebrities and philanthropic individuals) to problem-solve around challenges in heritage preservation, protection, and spurring economic development
  • Gain an international platform to share and promote heritage/economic development ideas and opportunities
  • Receive priority admittance and access at high profile CHN organized conferences, festivals, and events

Please Join Us and Make a Pledge

The CHN’s staff and Advisory Council would be honored to have you join our leadership team.

If you have not already joined the CHN please do so now by clicking the “Join Us” tab below. Membership is currently free.

Your may then make your pledge by clicking on the "Make A Pledge" tab.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact the CHN’s Director, Dr. Tara Inniss, at tara.inniss [at]