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Mr. Sylvester Selwyn Clarke

Traditional Craftsperson or Artisan member

Member Since: May 31, 2019

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Mat/Rug-maker, Traditional potter, Textile Artisans, Dyer, Batik artist, Tie-dyer, Fabric painter, Fabric printer, Garment maker, Soft sculptor, Weaver
Costume design, Fibre/straw-work, Mat/Rug-making, Traditional Pottery-making, Textiles, Fabric Painting, Garment construction, Soft Furnishings, Weaving



Artist / Designer / Weaver                Sylvester “Adelabu” Clarke


Carpenter                                           Work as the Ministry Education Project Implementation Unit form: - 2001 to


Home Address / Studio                     Hope Land St. Philip BB18085 Barbados


Telephone No:                                   Home (246) ; Work (246) 535-0638; Cell (246) 231-7122


E-mail:                                              adelabucreatoins [at]  / sylvesterclarke [at]


Date of Birth:                                    August 29 1957


Nationality:                                       Barbadian


School Attended                                St. Martin Four Roads Primary 1963-68


                                                           Princess Margaret Secondary 1968-73


Hobbies:                                            Cooking, Music, and Swimming (SEA) Surf the net


Religion:                                            Seventh-day Adventist


Dyslexia                                             I am Adult Dyslexic   

                                                           President / C.E.O.

                    Bajan Stars Dyslexia Support Organization Charity #659


Formal Training                                Y.M.C.A. – Sewing (Beginners/Advance) 1987


                                                           I.D.C. – Loom Weaving Techniques ‘A’ (Basics) 1987 


                                                           N.D.F. – Operating Small Business 1987


                                                           Barbados National Association of Co-operative

                                                           Societies Ltd.; - Introduction to Co-operatives 1990


The Ministry of Employment, Labour Relations and Community Development & (O.A.S) - Operations and Management of Small Business Enterprises 1990; Graphic Art - 2006


                                                           Barbados Community College - Fashion Design 1991, Advanced Painting I 1990


                                                           N.C.F. / O.A.S. Workshop-Sculpture-Three Dimensional Designer 1990;

                                                           N.C.F. Workshop-Drawing and Painting 1990 &1991; Heritage Doll making

                                                           Workshop - Beginners & Intermediate                                                        


                                                           (S.D.A) Saddath School Teacher Instruction Certificate: 1991, 1993, 1996.

                                                           Pathfinder Staff Training Course (Basic) 1993;

                                                           Adventurer Staff Training Course (Certificate) 1998;

                                                           (B.O.L, S.A.D.) Church Vegetarian Cooking 2003.


                                                           Erdiston Teacher Training College -Workshop-Drawing and Painting 1990, 1991;


                                   Arlette St. Hill.-Design for Loin and Mono Printing 1992


                                                           Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic -

                                                           Basic Car Maintenance 2001; Computer Awareness 2002;

                                                           Basic Dresses Making 2003; Carpentry Joinery 2002-2004;

                                                           Sound Technology 2009; Computer Maintenance 2013;


                                                           St. John Ambulance -Public First Aid 2002;


                                                           Biogenic Health Foods INS - Vegetarian Course Grade I-V 2001;


                                                           The Youth Development Programme Division of Youth Affairs and Sports   

                                                           In Collaboration with H.E.S. Lid Consultants Certificate of Recognition-

                                                           Youth Perspectives and Strategies for Preventing the Spread of HIV/ADIS

                                                           In Barbados Training Workshop - 2005;            


                                                           U.W.I. School of Continuing Studies Social Welfare Training Centre:-

                                                           Diploma & Youth Development Work (With Credit) 2006


                                                           Barbados Vocational Training Board - Auto Mechanics Beg. / Tiling and

                                                           Decorative Finishes - 2009   


                                                           Fundamentals of Digital Photography Workshop 2014      


                                                           4 Day Short Course Details Tapestry Weaving and Dyeing Techniques               

                                                           West Dean’s College UK 2014


                                                       NGO Management Certificate 2015 to 2017


Self Taught                                        Tie dye, Batik, Hand Made Paper, and Screen Printing


Awards;                                         East Barbados Jaycees - Certificate of Merit (Art and Crafts) 1974 &1976


                                                      H.H.E.S. S.D.A. Church (Trinidad) -

                                                      Literature Ministry (Twelve Thousand Dollar Club) 1978

                                                      H.H.E.S. S.A.D. Church (Barbados). Literature Ministry – 1994

                                                      Certificate of Appreciation; - Sabbath Teacher


                                                       I.D.C. Exhibition 1st and 2nd Prize in Tie Dye - 1987


                                                      Agriculture Exhibition (I.D.C.) -1st Prize in Tie Dye - 1987


                                                      N.I.F.C.A. Awards, Tie-dye I Gold 1987, Weaving 2 Bronze 1991 / 1 Silver

                                                      2 Gold 1993 / 3 Bronze 1997 / 2 Silver 2010


                                                      Princess Margaret Alumni Association - Honorary Award for 

                                                      Achievement in Art 1995 


                                                      Incentive Award Crop Over Visual Arts Festival Exhibit “Weaving” 2014 


                                                      Crop Over Visual Arts Festival Exhibit “Weaving” 2016


                                                      Incentive Award Crop Over Visual Arts Festival Exhibit “Weaving” 2017 


Art Related Activists;                      Member of Barbados Art Council


                                                      Member of Art Collection Foundation


                                                      Judge in C.D.S. Christmas Art Competition for Children 1992;


Other Groups / Organizations         Member B.A.R.N.O.D. Inc. The National Organisation of the Disabled 

                                                     1st Vice President 2008


                                                     Bajan Stars Dyslexia 4H Club Leader 2013 - present


                                                     Barbados Art Council 1st Vice President 2013-14; President 2016 -17              


Solo Exhibitions;                            Barbados National Bank 1987


                                                      Barbados Art Council: “Kaleidoscope” 1988; Mix Media 2014


                                                      Grand Salle Central Bank. “Hand Done” 1989


                                                     Queen’s Park Gallery – “Love” 1996


Other Expiations;                           T & T Art Community and Barbados Art Council

                                                      Grande Salle “Spirit Undaunted”- 1989 


                                                      Fine Art Centre Tobago - 1997     


                          Barbados Art Council- Dual Exhibition with the last Winifred

                                                          Cumberbatch “Labour of Love” 1990


                                                     3rd Biennial Art Exhibition (CUBA) 1989


                                                          (BOSTON).-Boston Art Exhibition 1989; Images of Barbados -1990


                                                          Queen’s Park Gallery; - Bajan Fabric Fair 1991


                                                          Numerous Other Exhibitions in Barbados & Tobago


 Solo Fashion Show;                         Frank Claymore Hall’- “Cultural Expression” - 1989


                                                          Barbados Museum - “Folkscape” 1990


                                                          Grand Barbados Resort - “Biblical Dress”- 1993


                                                          Numerous Other Fashion Shows


Taught;                                              Metropolitan High School - Scripture 1989- 1990, 2001

                                                          Industry High School – Craft 1991


                                                          Workshop in tie dye (“UMASS BOSTON”) - 1991


                                                          Barbados Youth Service - Tie Dying 1999 - 2000;


                                                          Lester Vaughan Secondary School for the teachers - Weaving 2009


                                                          Other Workshop in Art and Craft


Work as a Carpenter;                        Concorde Construction 1989 - 1990


                                                         Books Construction 1991- 1993


                                                         Shell Berry Construction   1994 - 1995




“I love to love”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4; 13)




I MAKE MY STATEMENT IN Art and Craft thought Textiles, Lino and Mono Printing, Hand Made Paper and Sculpture. My work is not primarily designed for the Fashion Industry, ever thought there are more useful than decorative items within my present collection.


Inspiration for my work come life the environment and my spiritual identity.

I adopted the name “Adelabu” form West Africa of Yoruba Tribe. I am also a lover of Africa thing. Sylvester “ADELABU” Clarke    


Adelabu operates under the business name Adelabu’s. Inspiration for his creations comes from life, the environment and his spirituality. Ade is a self-taught Artist/Designer whose main objective is to concentrate on developing his skills in art and design, to the highest level. He has pursued courses in art and design at the BCC and IDC. His products are from natural material. Each piece of his work is created with passion and dedication. The name Adelabu ranks among the highest in Art and Design in Barbados for quality, originality, design and outstanding workmanship.  He makes his statement in Art and Craft through Textiles, Lino and Mono Printing, Hand Made Paper and Sculpture. His work is not primarily designed for the Fashion Industry; even though they are more useful than decorative items within his present collection.