Nominate a Site to the 2022 Watch

What is the World Monuments Watch?

The World Monuments Watch, or “the Watch,” is a two-year program that seeks to discover, spotlight, and take action on behalf of heritage places facing challenges or presenting outstanding opportunities of direct relevance to our global society. Every two-year cycle of the Watch includes 25 heritage places from around the world, selected for their cultural significance, the cause for action in light of internationally pressing issues, and the potential for World Monuments Fund to make a meaningful difference. Through the Watch, WMF collaborates with local partners to design and implement targeted conservation programs—including advocacy, planning, education, and physical interventions in the historic built environment. The ultimate goal of the program since its inception has been to improve human well-being through cultural heritage preservation. As the core program of World Monuments Fund, the Watch is the main way through which WMF engages with new partners and pursues new opportunities for collaboration.

We are looking for nominations with clear potential to respond to the global challenges of climate change, imbalanced tourism, and the need to amplify underrepresented voices and cultural narratives.


Underrepresented Heritage

Recent events across the globe have laid bare the fact that certain groups have not only been overlooked, but actively excluded from representation in public space and in decision-making about what should be preserved and how. We seek nominations that raise the voices of the unheard and spotlight heritage that remains underrepresented.


Climate Change

Communities everywhere are confronting climate change and its ability to impact the heritage places they value. At the same time, cultural heritage is playing a role in our global response, from mitigation to adaption and beyond. We seek nominations that illuminate the many ways heritage interacts with climate change.


Imbalanced Tourism

Tourism brings positive and negative side effects for heritage places and their communities, often raising serious challenges for society. We seek nominations that present innovative strategies for addressing the impact of imbalanced tourism on heritage places and their communities.


For more information visit the World Monuments Fund nomination site.

How to apply

Submissions will be accepted until Monday, March 1, 2021, at 5pm EST. Guidelines for nominations are available here. You can also clikc this link to go directly to the nomination form.