Scholarship - Values-Based Heritage Site Management Online Course

Cultural heritage is an integral part of our economy as Caribbean people.  Persons who are involved in (or who want to enter) this aspect of our tourism industries need to update their skills not only to improve the way they do their jobs, but in order to move into other areas or to advance their careers. This may be your opportunity to gain new knowledge/experience or launch into a new career.

In seeking to enhance the capability of heritage professionals in the Caribbean and beyond, The Organization of American States (OAS), in collaboration with The University of the West Indies Open Campus, is offering this graduate courses in the area of Values-based Heritage Site Management. 

Values-based management is a holistic approach that focuses on the conservation and communication of those values that make the site significant. In the course, Values-based Heritage Site Management, participants will be exposed to a values-based approach within the context of Caribbean heritage.

Participants will be taught how to develop and execute a management plan within the legal and regulatory environment of the site. They will also be introduced to the canons of site documentation, assessment, monitoring and evaluation. The course is designed to hone participants’ knowledge base and skill sets, thereby better equipping them for meaningful careers in the management of Caribbean heritage with an emphasis on maintaining the value of heritage sites.  Values-based management is a fairly new management approach that entails examining different heritage types, the range of threats to which heritage may be exposed, the diverse stakeholders associated with each site and importantly, the protection of values and significance of specific sites including those that are tourist attractions. The course is pitched at the graduate level and covers the following areas:

  • Values-based heritage management
  • Caribbean heritage sites in the context of values-based management
  • Documentation of the site
  • Assessments
  • Management of heritage sites
  • Implementing management plan
  • Monitoring & evaluation

Please see more information on the UWI website.

How to apply

The cost of each course is US$660. The OAS is also offering partial scholarships that will cover a maximum of 75% of the cost; interested applicants must apply for funding separately. Please see the UWI website for application details.