Ms. Debbie Marie Strachan


My collection of handbags are produced from a variety of straw including sisal (Agave).  It incorporates various material such as leather, vinyl, fabric and other embellishments.  Products can be designed and produced as per client's requests and preferences.  As a handicraft trainer, I facilitate training in the production of  straw handbags, hats, floor mats, pillows and other products.  My work has been showcased in the Caribbean and internationally.  Awards for my collection include the "Best Products" and "Best Booth" given by the BAIC and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

Provides Training: 

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Studio Address: 
Stapledon Gardens, Nassau, The Bahamas
1 242 456-5695


  • Plant Fibres, Grasses, Leaves and Seeds
  • Leather


  • Handbags

Where to Buy:

  • You may send your requests on Depre Int'l Messenger

Price Range:

$50 - $100
$100 - $300
$300 - $500
$500 - $1000