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Alongside the built heritage and archaeological sites of the region, traditional crafts represent a key element in the transmission of culture from one generation to the next.

This directory provides descriptions and contact information about the skilled practitioners who keep time-honored Caribbean traditions alive. Help support the region’s craft traditions by patronizing them.

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Ms. Debbie Marie Strachan's picture
Ms. Shanika Kadeshia Burnett's picture
Decorative Artisans, Heritage Tradespersons, Mosaic artist, Garment maker
Mr. walter d bailey's picture
Wood carver, Lamp-worker, Jewellers, Leatherworkers and Shoemakers, Ceramic artist, Sculptor, Fabric painter, Fabric printer
Ms. Monifa Abayomi Makini Jordan's picture
Costume maker
Miss Jean Kathleen Jeffers's picture
Decorative Artisans, Flower-maker, Crocheter/Crochetier, Tie-dyer, Soft furnishings artisan
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Ms. Andrea Michelle Wells's picture
Mr. Kraig Edwin Yearwood's picture
Decorative Artisans, Paper artisan, Sculptor, Costume jeweller
Ms. Fiona Alert's picture
Leatherworkers and Shoemakers, Crocheter/Crochetier, Tie-dyer, Fabric painter, Garment maker
Ms. Sylvanie Dorelle Abbott's picture
Basketry and Fibrecraft Artisans
Antigua and Barbuda
Mr. Khali Kwodwo Keyi's picture
Restorer, Leatherworkers and Shoemakers, Leather fabricator
Trinidad and Tobago