Call for Applications, Summer 2020 Internship

US/ICOMOS is seeking graduate students and emerging professionals as well as hosts organizations to participate in their International Exchange Program (IEP) during the summer of 2020.

Professionnal experience and international network

The IEP program enables graduate students and emerging professionals to strengthen their skills and acquire new professionnal experience while hosts organizations (in the US and abroad) will make international connections and support the training of new professionnals.

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How to apply

Candidates should be students with at a minimum an undergraduate degree in a preservation-related field, such as architecture, landscape architecture, or architectural conservation, with coursework and/or experience in preservation or emerging professionals (within 3 years of graduation) specialized in historic preservation and heritage conservation. IEP interns will be assigned a 12 week hands-on experience during the summer of 2020 in a host organization.

Candidates have until 3 January 2020 to submit their application at

Fore more information on becoming an IEP Intern or a host organisation please click here.