Careers in Heritage.

Many Caribbean economies are service-based, indicating that skilled workers make up the majority of the labor force. Careers in the heritage industry, which are primarily skilled based positions, can therefore provide individual security as well contribute to national economic development. In the United States, Canada, The UK and Australia, heritage organizations and related service providers add hundreds of thousands of jobs per year and  contribute millions of dollars to the economy.

Despite the potentially lucrative nature of the the heritage industry (which in some cases is indistinguishable from the tourism industry) a major concern among those considering entering the heritage field can be related to job security and the options available to them. For those members who have made careers in the heritage industry, how did you enter the field, what positions do you hold or have held? What advice would you give to the educational and labor policy makers in order to promote still yet understaffed but crucial areas in the heritage field? What strategies have been used in your region for training of cultural/heritage workers? 


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