May 8, 2019 - 2:00pm to 8:00pm [AST -04:00]

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How to Gather Memories of ‘Home from Home’Oral history workshop

Photo Credit: Institute of Commonwealth Studies Facebook page

How to Gather Memories of ‘Home from Home’Oral history workshop

Event Location:
Senate House Library
Malet Street
United Kingdom

The "ICWS@70: CHILDREN OF THE WINDRUSH GENERATION" is a public event hosted by the Institute of Commonweatlh Studies which plans to include a workshop, a film screening and a panel. Those in attendance would see Dr Sue Onslow who would lead an Oral History workshop having interviewed many global figures including Rt Hon PJ Patterson (PM of Jamaica), Rt Hon John Major (PM of Great Britain), and RF 'Pik' Botha (PM of apartheid South Africa). There will be a film screening of the movie "Mutiny" a story of WWI and the Caribbean struggle for pride and freedom with eyewitness testimonies of surviving veterans, official documents and archive photos that reveal the incredible story of the British West Indies Regiment. Finally, attendees would get the opportunity to be involved in a discussion by a panel of published *Children of Windrush* oral history authors including Colin Babb, Yvonne Archer, Cecile Ogufere and the organiser of the Windrush petition to parliament, Patrick Vernon OBE. Professor of Caribbean History, Professor Clem Seecharan, will close the event.

This event promises to be interative and highly informative.