Interest groups

UWI graduation ceremony

This interest group focuses on expanding the curricula of heritage education at the primary and secondary levels, in university courses, and in professional training programs to teach a wide range of heritage skills. 

Parliamentary Square, Nassau, Bahamas

This interest group will focus on the following questions: What should effective heritage legislation include? What fiscal incentives should be offered for the protection of privately-owned heritage?

Althea Spencer of the St. Christopher National Trust inventorying Spooner's Ginnery

No country can effectively manage its heritage without a comprehensive inventory. This interest group will discuss inventory techniques, digital applications, and the role of national registers.   

Church reconstruction

Documenting the impacts of heritage on society, fundraising, promotion of public private partnerships, and professional capacity sharing will be the subject of this Interest Group's discussions and activities.

direction signs at Belmont Estate, Grenada

This interest group seeks to increase the participation of cultural practitioners and heritage­‐based firms by offering better access to the tourism market for products that meet locally-‐approved standards of authenticity and sustainability.

Photo of drums in various stages of being carved from single pieces of wood

This interest group is focused on the creation of networks across the region to support the work of artisans who are engaged in the practice of rare or lost crafts and other traditional cultural expressions.