Socio-economic Impacts of Heritage

About This Group

Documenting the impacts of heritage on society, fundraising, promotion of public private partnerships, and professional capacity sharing will be the subject of this Interest Group's discussions and activities. Participants will contribute to activities that expand and deepen professional contacts throughout the region through capacity sharing and the organization of regional conferences.

Goals and Activities

The activities of this interest group include:

  • strengthening and expanding the membership and resources of the Caribbean Heritage Network to enhance the capacity of NGOs throughout the region by providing technical assistance in project planning and fundraising;
  • coordinating the efforts and abilities of public institutions, regional development entities, and intergovernmental organizations to communicate priority needs to the general public and political leaders;
  • facilitating information exchange through peer-to-peer networking to build regional knowledge and expertise through the sharing of case studies and associated documentation;
  • expanding potential sources of NGO funding, technical assistance, and volunteers by identifying and activating a broader support base beyond the existing local constituent pools (e.g. second homeowners, diasporic groups, and corporations).

The Challenge

Many dedicated heritage professionals and organizations report diminishing or highly volatile funding sources that impede the scale, pace, and ultimate impact of their work. Meanwhile, certain aspects of cultural heritage are seen as significant attractions to the tourism industry, This situation poses both opportunities and threats to local communities and professionals who need to develop their economies as well as protect their heritage resources. All sectors agree upon the need for developing more sustainable models for economic development and planning for heritage resources that enhance social values and relations.