Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference

University of The Bahamas-North is hosting its second conference focused on the economic future of Grand Bahama. They are inviting private and public sector leaders, academics, civil society organizations and opinion shapers to share their visions of the future of the nation’s industrial capital. The core principle is sustainability. How do we ensure the long term prosperity of Grand Bahamians? How do we ensure that future generations have access to land, can enjoy our marine environment, can have clean air and water and can aspire toward and attain the highest rungs of economic success? How do we balance the need for employment and the need to protect our environment? How do balance industrial production and mass tourism? These questions and many more should drive our deliberations.

Presentations should be 15 to 20 minutes in length. Presentations may be based on (but are not limited to) the topics suggested below:

  • Oil Refining in the 21st Century
  • Air Quality
  • Construction in Grand Bahama
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Industrial Safety
  • Recycling Opportunities
  • Sustainability and Foreign Investment
  • Environmental Impacts of Cruise Port Development and
  • The Freeport Cityscape
  • Water Quality and Regulation
  • Small and Medium Sized Business
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Ecotourism Trends
  • Climate Change
  • Marine Protection and Conservation
  • Cultural Sustainability
  • Shipping in Grand Bahama
  • Fishing in Grand Bahama
  • Education for Sustainability
  • VAT and Economic Sustainability
  • Wildlife in Grand Bahama
  • Health Care Innovation
  • The State of Infrastructure
  • The Hawksbill Creek Agreement
  • Social and Cultural Impacts of Development
  • Marketing Grand Bahama
  • Grand Bahama Airport: The Future

How to apply

Please submit a title of your talk and a 50-100-word synopsis of your presentation to ian.strachan [at]