We are pleased to announce that CRCP2020, sponsored by the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations - CANPA, will be held November 17th-20th, 2020, in St Croix, US Virgin Islands. This conference is a continuation of the historic CRCP2011 in Nassau, Bahamas, the inaugural CANPA conference in Suriname in 2014, followed by Haiti in 2016, and most recently Jamaica in 2018.

The conference theme, “Caribbean Resilience: Regional Psychology’s Response to Historical and Contemporary Disasters,” seeks to stimulate and promote psychological theory, practice, research, assessment and training that are relevant to meeting the needs of the diverse communities within the Caribbean. Such a psychology embraces psycho-historical, psycho-social, ethnic, cultural, economic, linguistic, family composition and intellectual realities of Caribbean societies.

While acknowledging the contributions of Euro-American psychology and other worldviews, the intent of the conference is to promote the development of a contextual psychology that can effectively address the psychological challenges of Caribbean people.

Historical and contemporary disasters have resulted in cumulative impacts on the peoples and the land of the Caribbean. Yet, a persistent resilience endures that warrants investigation, affirmation and culturally appropriate inquiry. As Caribbean current realities are explored, there will be an appreciation for the rich heritage of Caribbean nations and an examination of colonialism, slavery and indentureship and their impact on Caribbean societies. This transformation will move psychologists, and those in related fields, forward in appropriating a unified psychological framework to the realities of residents in the Caribbean as well as those in the diaspora. We invite papers from the various disciplines that explore the themes and subthemes of the CRCP 2020.

CRCP2020 invites abstracts that embrace and affirm the past and present realities of the Caribbean peoples, and promote their prospective physical, mental and social health and overall well-being. Abstracts from psychologists, other social scientists and educators as well as students, and those working in related fields--within the region, the Caribbean Diaspora, and from around the world--are welcome.

The sub-themes include:

  • Caribbean Psychology Education And Training
  • Caribbean Psychology in Applied Settings
  • Enhancing Caribbean Health and Well-Being
  • Facing New Challenges in Psychology
  • Historical and Current Perspectives in Caribbean Psychology
  • Multiculturalism / Multilingualism in the Caribbean
  • Promoting Cultural Competence in Caribbean Response to Disasters


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How to apply

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