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Posted by Dr. Tara Alana Inniss on September 3, 2019

The promotion and development of the crafts sector is her life-long passion and this has taken her all over the globe in pursuit of a better understanding of this sector and the practices of its artisans. Over the long years in the employment of the Barbados Investment Development Corporation as the Crafts Development Coordinator, Sandra has developed relationships with many international...

Posted by Dr. Tara Alana Inniss on July 30, 2019

By Matthew Reilly, CUNY, USA

Following the first congress in 1961, the International Association for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA) has met every other year to discuss fieldwork, finds, theories, and practices of regional interest. For its 28th meeting, delegates, for the third time in the organization’s history, gathered...

Posted by Dr. Tara Alana Inniss on July 26, 2019


We have been busy at the Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) keeping you updated with the latest events and opportunities in Heritage in the region and beyond! We have some great projects underway over the next year and we are hoping members are visiting the website regularly. 

In this issue, we are also announcing a Call for...

Posted by Dr. Tara Alana Inniss on July 10, 2019

Call for Papers: Caribbean Conversations in Conservation Inaugural Conference of the OAS/ UWI Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) March 16-19, 2020

The Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) is pleased to announce its inaugural conference entitled, “Caribbean Conversations in Conservation” which is scheduled for March 16-19, 2020 in Barbados. This is a hands-on workshop-oriented...