Re-Launch of the Moderated CHN Interest Groups

On behalf of the Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) and our new Interest Group (IG) Moderators, we would like to announce the re-launch of the Interest Group Discussion Boards. Join Now! Please familiarize yourself with the Discussion Group Policy for Content Management and feel free to invite others to become members of the CHN and this (and other) interest groups. We do have a Welcome Video that you can share with colleagues and view yourself. We would also like to invite you to join our Facebook page for updates in your newsfeed. We have been working hard to keep the website up to date with Events and Opportunities that would be of interest to Heritage Professionals in the region and beyond. In discussion groups there are also a number of resources that are available in the Shared Files tab in each IG. If you have any resources to share, please do so. If you are a CHN member, to check for new content and discussions on IGs all you have to do is Iis to check “My Feed” on your private dashboards—or check on the IG page.

We take this opportunity to introduce our new IG moderators:

Kaye Hall, Education Officer, Barbados Museum and Historical Society -- Heritage Education and Professional Development

Andrea Richards, Heritage Consultant -- Heritage Legislation and Fiscal Incentives

Amalia Levi, HeritEdge Connection -- Inventories and Monitoring

Joanna Louis-Parker, History/ Heritage Graduate Student -- Socio-Economic Impacts of Heritage

Tara Inniss, CHN Director -- Sustainable Heritage Tourism 

Sandra Browne, Natural Fibres Network -- Traditional Crafts and Artisans


Profile of Andrea Richards, Heritage Consultant, Interest Group Moderator for Heritage Legislation and Fiscal Incentives 

Andrea is a trained archaeologist and has worked in the cultural heritage field in the Caribbean for more than fifteen years. Her research interests include public attitudes towards and engagement with the past, trade in cultural objects, cultural heritage legislation and the management, conservation, presentation and the sustainable use of heritage sites.  She has worked with UNESCO in the Caribbean, France and the Middle East on the implementation cultural development projects. While at UNESCO, she was focal point for Caribbean nations and was also responsible for monitoring the state of conservation of world heritage properties in the LAC region, served as project coordinator for Phase 1 of the large-scale conservation SIQ Stability Project at the world heritage site of Petra in Jordan. She has conducted research for publications that include “Movement of Cultural Property within and out Jamaica” and “The Impact of Land Based Development on Jamaican Taíno Archaeology” and has presented on “Mechanisms for a serial trans-national nomination of sites related to slavery in the Caribbean region,” “Ownership of the Past in Jamaica” and “The Eyes and Ears of Jamaican Archaeology: Just How Blind and Deaf Are They?” Andrea has an MA in public archaeology from the University College London and a BA in history and archaeology from the University of the West Indies, Mona. Her most recent publication is “Cultural Resource Management: A Study of Jamaica”, published in Protecting Heritage in the Caribbean, edited by Peter E. Siegel and Elizabeth Righter and published by University of Alabama Press.

As the moderator for the interest group focusing on heritage legislation and fiscal incentives, Andrea hopes to stimulate in-depth and dynamic discussions with those interested in this area about the frameworks which exist and how these can be improved, particularly in the area of ongoing public consultation. She is particularly looking forward to hearing of the experiences of others and discussing ways in which we can learn from the successes and challenges of each other.