CHN Heritage Highlights Newsletter Published Issue 5 October 2019

CHN Outreach

The CHN would like to share our compassion and concern for the people who experienced the recent passing of Hurricane Dorian in early September as the unprecedented Category 5 Hurricane stalled over some of the islands for almost 3 days. We have made contact with a number of colleagues who report that they are well but the devastation and loss of life is catastrophic especially in Grand Bahama and Abaco. If you can, please support the efforts of first responders and charities assisting with the process of recovery. Of course, when lives and livelihoods weigh in the balance, it is not always clear what role culture and heritage can play post-disaster, but we appreciate the support being lent to communities by the National Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB) which immediately swung into action as a space of refuge and outreach.

Climate Change, disaster preparedness and conservation will be key themes of our forthcoming conference  "Caribbean Conversations in Conservation" which is scheduled from March 16-19, 2020. We invite colleagues to put in their proposals for workshops, papers and posters. The deadline for abstracts is October 31, 2019.

Our focus for the next few months is on outreach to new and existing members as we highlight their achievements and successes in heritage practice in the region. We are pleased to be invited to the next Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC) conference in Martinique from November 12-16, 2019 -- more to come on that I am sure...

In this issue, we commence our "Profiles in Heritage" series which will feature the work of Caribbean heritage practitioners working in the region and internationally. Our first profile is Barbadian Anne Bancroft, Senior Paper and Book Conservator at the V&A Museum in London, United Kingdom. We hope to get in touch with other members to add to this series. We also hear the latest rundown on the recently held Congress of the International Association of Caribbean Archaeology (IACA) which was held in Barbados from July 21-27, 2019. Archaeologist Matthew Reilly shares insights into the proceedings which took "self-reflection" as its theme.

Remember -- if you have a story, event or opportunity to share, please feel free to contact us via the website, Facebook or email so we can pass it on! 

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