CFP: Caribbean Conversations in Conservation, March 16-19, 2020 Barbados

Call for Papers: Caribbean Conversations in Conservation Inaugural Conference of the OAS/ UWI Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) March 16-19, 2020

The Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) is pleased to announce its inaugural conference entitled, “Caribbean Conversations in Conservation” which is scheduled for March 16-19, 2020 in Barbados. This is a hands-on workshop-oriented conference for heritage professionals including architects, engineers, archivists, and museum professionals to gain knowledge and experience in the area of conservation. Field-based study as well as panel-based presentations will be integrated into this 4-day conference.

This conference will allow heritage practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences while enhancing policymakers’ understanding of the unique threats, challenges and opportunities for heritage conservation in the region. Another expected outcome of the conference is improved capacity of the participants to articulate interventions to help protect, conserve, preserve and interpret the region’s outstanding heritage from the built environment to endangered collections and documents, and to work towards the establishment of viable multidisciplinary initiatives and regional partnerships to provide mutual support.

The CHN is a network of heritage professionals (individuals and organizations) from around the region and further afield who are committed to the promotion and protection of the Caribbean’s heritage resources. We understand that Conservation is an important part of Conversations about Heritage, but yet there are so few resources available to practitioners in the region to help preserve and protect our heritage.

This conference will help to bridge that gap and put a wide cross-section of professionals in contact with one another to better understand how we go about this important work through excellent networking opportunities to strengthen advocacy for governments, relevant institutions and the private sector to place conservation on their agendas.

Papers, panels, poster sessions and presentations on best practices and workshops on the topics listed below are welcomed:   •    Climate Change, Resilience and Conservation •    Disaster Preparedness: Natural and Human-made Emergency and Conservation First Responders •    Fundraising for Conservation and Preservation •    Conservation in Tropical Environments •    Preventive Conservation •    Conservation Policy (Institutional, National and Regional) •    Regional Conservation Policies and Action Plans •    Digitization versus Conservation •    Creating a Culture of Conservation •    Conservation and Intangible Heritage •    Integrity/ Authenticity in World Heritage •    Conservation and Repatriation   •    Capacity Building, Education and Professional Development •    Human Resources and Partnerships for Conservation •    Conservation of Terrestrial and Underwater Archaeology •    Conservation and Industrial Heritage •    Communities and Conservation •    Materials, Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Conservation •    Urban Conservation Planning •    Cultural Resource Management   •    Conserving memory •    Conservation strategies for the heritage of slavery •    Documenting conservation/ Conserving documentation  

Deadline for Abstracts is October 31, 2019.  Please make your submissions via Google Forms for the following:

Paper/ Short Paper or Poster Presentation Proposal:

Panel Presentation Proposal:

Workshop Proposal:

If you have any further questions, please contact Tara Inniss, Director, Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) at info [at] or tara.inniss [at]


Caribbean Conversations in Conservation Workshops

Hello Everyone.  I am an archaeologist and conservator who has been working in the region for the past 15+ years. I would like to host a workshop at the conference in March.  For that reason, I am soliciting ideas for what attendees would like in a hands-on/training workshop.  My specializations are all aspects of museum work, including: collections care, exhibitions, preventative conservation, museum adminisration, as well as other areas.  I also specialize in the conservation of archaeological artifacts and the care and curation of archaeological collections and materials. Please feel free to respond to my work email at: gfox [at] or post at this website.  I look forward to hearing from you, your ideas and preferences.  Thank you.

Conservation or Digitization

Is digitization a welcomed technological technique as a conservator? 

As workshop participants let us become conservators working with archeological artefacts and then exhibiting those artefacts using a thematic approach