Cultural Studies

University of the West Indies (Mona Campus)
Undergraduate minor, MA, PhD
Institute of Caribbean Studies
Photo of The University of the West Indies at Mona Campus

Cultural Studies is a discipline that is interested in all forms of culture, from Bob Marley to punk rock, Salvadore Dali to Ras Dizzy, Nicolas Guillén to Isabel Allende, Sex and the City to Roots. The minor encourages students to define culture in its broadest sense, including issues ranging from the psychological to the global, past to present, elite to popular, everyday life to the city, and consumption to production. Once culture is approached in this way, students are made aware that it is dynamic and politically charged, and they will acquire greater appreciation of its significance, both in their everyday lives and as an academic discipline.

At the graduate level the Institute offers the MA, MPhil and PhD degrees in Cultural Studies. Complementing the academic programmes are various outreach activities (conferences, symposia, public lectures) which enhance and promote Caribbean popular culture. The research of the academic staff and the Institute’s various outreach activities further support the UWI’s mission.