University of Guyana
Undergraduate major (BA/BAAS/BSc), Certificate
Faculty of Technology
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"Architecture at UG is a personally rewarding programme of study. Architecture is intimately bound to the history and development of peoples and is a significant influence on technological, artistic and social change.  Architecture has a lot to do with how we work and play, relax and interact. The program will give you a far greater understanding of peoples, societies, cultures and the environment.

"The study of Architecture embraces nearly all other disciplines. It is a challenging yet satisfying academic undertaking. Success will require that you apply yourself with consistent diligence. Our department strives to produce educated graduates who would be motivated to work toward  improving the life of all our Caribbean people. As such, we offer courses in architecture graphics, building services, urban planning, and architectural design and practice." -- Mr. Lennox Hernandez, Head of Department