Anthropology Bsc.

Galen University
Undergraduate major (BA/BAAS/BSc)
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The introductory courses at Galen University give an overview of the different fields of anthropology. Advanced courses provide the opportunity to pursue intensive study of particular topics from a cross cultural perspective. A major in anthropology prepares students for graduate-level study and serves as a foundation for a wide range of careers. With the background this major provides, students can become teachers, social workers, public policy experts, forensic investigators, health practitioners, business leaders, or community and economic development specialists. They may also pursue various other careers. Belize is a rich, living laboratory in which to study anthropology. Very distinct cultures, indigenous, African and European, have influenced the development of the society and the course of its history. Situated in Central America, Belize has easy access to adjacent Spanish speaking countries, the USA, and South America. Opportunities to learn from a world class faculty and from first hand experience are at your fingertips.